Swap Fee

"Swap Fees" is the interest for holding positions overnight. Both buying and selling overnight positions need to pay swap fee according to the closing price of the day, the corresponding interest rate and the number of overnight days.

Product Long Short
GOLD -4% +1%
SILVER -5.75% +2.75%
Palladium US$-8.08/day US$-6.92/day
CRUDEOIL US$-5/day US$-5/day
NATGAS US$-8/day US$-2/day
DowJones US$-5/day US$-5/day
Nasdaq US$-5/day US$-5/day
S&P US$-5/day US$-5/day
USDX US$-5/day US$-5/day
FA50 US$-5/day US$-5/day
USD/JPY US$1.02/day US$-13.22/day
USD/CAD US$-2.83/day US$-10.38/day
EUR/USD US$-9.76/day US$0.75/day
GBP/USD US$11.37/day US$0.87/day
AUD/USD US$-4.91/day US$-1.34/day
NZD/USD US$-4.52/day US$-1.23/day
EUR/CHF US$-4.5/day US$-4.5/day
EUR/GBP US$-5.9/day US$-2.3/day
GBP/CHF US$-4.9/day US$-7.6/day
EUR/JPY US$-8.1/day US$-3.8/day
USD/CHF US$1.8/day US$-9.20/day
GBP/JPY US$-6.3/day US$-9.4/day
AUD/JPY US$-0.9/day US$-4.6/day
NZD/JPY US$-3.1/day US$-3.9/day
GBP/CAD US$-8.6/day US$-3.25/day
GBP/AUD US$-9.6/day US$-0.8/day
GBP/NZD US$-11.18/day US$-0.5/day
1. Market execution means that after the client places an order, the system will use the current market price for the transaction within the shortest time, and the final transaction price may deviate from the time the client places the order.
2. If the market is closed early due to international holidays, the trading hour will need to be adjusted.
3. GOLD & SILVER - Swap Fee formula: closing Price x contract size x number of lots x overnight interest x overnight days* / 360days
4. Palladium, Currency Pairs, Energies, Index - Swap Fee formula: number of lots x overnight interest x overnight days*
* Overnight days : Overnight interest will be calculated at three times in every Wednesday (E.g. Swap fee will be calculated 7 times in 5 trading days).
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