Autonomous Transaction and Fraud Prevention Reminder

This website provides you with information according to your request, and its content is for general information purposes only, and may not be copied or re-distributed using any other means. Any information on this website does not constitute or result in (1) an offer to provide or sell any financial services or products; (2) a recommendation (express or implied) to take any action against any financial product; or (3) any investment advice or market prediction.


Any opinions, news, research products, analysis, quotations or other information do not constitute or lead to the following: (1) Under any circumstances,the Company will not provide investment advice or recommendations to clients, nor express any opinions on the transaction of the client’s decision. The company never provides investors with trading advice through any channels. (2) In any case, any materials, information or other functions provided by the Company to clients through websites, trading centers, marketing, training activities or other methods are considered as general information and cannot be regarded as suitable for clients. The Company will not bear any responsibility for the losses caused by the investment based on the above information.


The losses incurred by engaging in leveraged trading can be considerable, and it is not suitable for everyone. The loss incurred by the client may exceed the deposited funds of the client. Some conditional orders, such as "stop loss order" or "stop loss limit order", do not necessarily guarantee that the loss will be built within a limited range, because the market conditions may prevent the order from being filled, and it may be in a short period of time. Client will need to cover the position within a short time. If the client cannot make up the funds within the limited time, the client's position will have a chance to be forced to liquidate, and the client is obliged to repay the deficit in the account. Therefore, clients must make careful assessments and considerations in accordance with their own financial status and investment standards.


Clients should note that margin-based trading is one of the riskiest investment methods in the financial market and is only suitable for experienced investors and institutions. In view of the possibility of losing all of the investment, the funds for speculation in the trading market must be risk capital, and the loss will not have much impact on the financial status of the individual or organization of the client. The client must confirm that the client's funds are pure risk capital, and the loss of these funds will not endanger the client's lifestyle or damage the client's future retirement plans. In addition, the client fully understands the nature and risks of the investment, and the client is warned of high-risk investments before investing.


Clients must keep account numbers and transaction passwords properly at all times, and do not disclose them to third parties. The Company does not sign any separate agreements with clients, including but not limited to any form of third-party operation and any agreement to guarantee the profit of its account or limit the loss. Client understands that every transaction he/ she executes must be operated by himself/ herself and be able to bear the absolute risks.

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