Risk Disclosure

Margin trading and leveraged trading on this website are high-risk transactions, and the resulting losses can be considerable, and are only suitable for clients with rich trading experience. The loss incurred may exceed the client's deposited funds. Therefore, the funds used for transactions should be funds that will not affect your daily life or company operating expenses. Clients must make careful assessments and considerations in accordance with their financial status, and understand the following:
Note: clients must keep the password carefully at all times and change the password regularly. The clients must not leave the password to a third party for account operation, if any loss or dispute is caused by leaving password to a third party, the client is responsible for it, and the company has no responsibility on the loss.

  1. Market Risk: If the market trend is opposite to the client's position, the client may lose all or part of the initial deposit and additional deposit of fund.

  2. Risk of Closing positions: Under certain market conditions, it is difficult or impossible for clients to close a position.

  3. Transaction Risk: For example, "stop loss" orders or "stop loss limit" pending orders may not necessarily control client's loss within the expected amount, because market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.

  4. "Leverage" Risk: Only a low margin is required to operate transactions that are much larger than the principal, but the leverage may be beneficial to the client or it may be detrimental to the client as well. Sometimes, leverage may bring huge profits, it may also bring huge losses.

  5. Online Transaction Risk: When trading through the online transaction system, the client may suffer from system-related risks, including hardware and software, communication network failures, and the consequences of the failure may be that the client's instructions are not executed in accordance with the client's instructions or It was not implemented at all.

  6. Interest Risk: Due to the different interest rates between currencies, depending on the position held by the client, interest may be collected or paid, and according to market changes, interest may be adjusted at any time.
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Reminder: Trading carries risks, ensures transaction autonomy, keeps account numbers and passwords properly. More

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