Privacy Protection Policy

The clients may at any time, including now or in the future, or the clients have provided the company with their personal data and these personal data include but are not limited to the following data (all these data are collectively referred to as "data" under this policy):

  1. Client’s Name

  2. Client's address(es) at home and at workplace

  3. Client's phone number(s) at home and at workplace

  4. Client’s email address

  5. Client’s passport number or ID number

  6. Client's marital status

  7. Government-issued ID verification photo with Client’s name on

  8. Proof of Address

  9. Client’s information on financial status, such as estimated annual income, net asset value, current assets, past trading experience, and ability of risk tolerance

  10. Client’s bank account information and main bank documents
In response to the needs of the company or other people, individually or collectively provide you with services; apply to open an account; or continue an account; other services, etc., you need to fill in an application form or related documents to provide your personal information to complete the above services. This is your responsibility to complete these forms or related documents. If the clients refuse to provide the required information, the company reserves the right to reject the clients’ application.
The company will not share, transfer, sell or distribute any current or former client's personal information to third parties.
The company can only provide the data to the following persons:

  1. The company includes any of its offices, branches, staff or directors;

  2. When data needs to be forwarded, or data needs to be handed over to any other person because of an application or request for any service, it may be provided to such persons, and such persons may not be restricted by the regulations and are not subject to the regulations on restrict the use of data;

  3. If any assignment, transfer or contract replacement, any participation or ancillary participation or other similar arrangements are made to the contract, or due to the authorization of responsibility, the resignation of the manager or trustee, the relevant information needs to be provided to the transferee, transferer, substitute, participant, subsidiary participant, authorized person or heir;

  4. Any trust partner(s);

  5. According to laws and regulations, relevant regulations require the company to deliver to government departments, regulatory agencies or courts;

  6. Any financial service institution that the client holds or intends to trade;

  7. Any assets in the client's account are sold or transferred in the name of the company registered on your behalf or deposited in the agent company.
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