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Plotio Global is formed by elites from various fields. We discover market potential with a global perspective, let your investment road, with infinite possibilities.

Plotio Global - Prestige & Professional

There are unlimited opportunities can be found in global investment. Plotio Global provides diversified education resources derived from big data analysis; and equips you with different trading tools - everything is ready for you.

About Plotio | Plotio Global

Our philosophy

Plotio Global value every client. We dedicated to provide client-oriented product and service to help you create more returns. Your achievement is what drives us to continuous innovation.

Our vision

While establishing a strong foothold in Hong Kong with the support of the Motherland, Plotio Global aims to become a world-class financial institution. Through the improvement and innovation of business, service, fin-tech and management, our goal is to lead clients to integrate with the international financial market.

About Plotio | Plotio Global

Our Services

Diversified financial products

Global popular investment products, allowing you to make choices.

Safe and secure of your fund

The international standard SSL system is adopted to protect our investors’ fund safety.

Global authority license

Plotio is regulated and accredited by the international financial authorities, such as SCB.

Efficient trading platform

MT5 platform has a complete product quotation system and powerful analysis tools.

Senior analysis team

Enjoy in-depth market analysis and strategy provided by professional analysts’ team.

24x7 Customer Support

Most professional online client service to answer us investment questions for you.

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