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Plotio Global APP is a mobile application built on advanced financial technologies. It provides investors with real time product prices, updates market analysis, world trading platforms, fast deposits and withdrawals, pushes notifications, and other function to help investor trade the markets and manage their investment accounts seamlessly.

APP Intro | Plotio Global

First hand real time market data

Plotio Global provides clients first hand information of the financial market, including precious metals, energies, and major Index real time market data,  for you to make smart investment decisions.

Expert analysis and insights

Our top analysts providing the market analysis, strategies overview and expert insight everyday, to help investor discover the market trend and opportunities.

APP Intro | Plotio Global
APP Intro | Plotio Global

Enjoy fintech power as a visitor

Plotio Global understands the importance of fintech to investors. We set up visitor mode to give everyone a chance to experience our technology. While our clients get the full benefits of the app, visitors can explore comprehensive financial market information and experience trading in new technology.

Trading is just one touch away

Download the Plotio Global APP now and enjoy a whole new experience powered by cutting-edge financial technology. Trade the markets from everywhere on the move.

APP Developer: Plotio Global APP Name: Plotio Global APP Ver.: 1.6.9
Privacy authority: View authority User permissions: View permissions Update date: 25, Jun, 2024

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APP Intro | Plotio Global


Can users who are not Plotio clients use this APP?

Guest users are welcome to use the Plotio Global APP to browse through relevant contents.

Can trading be done using this APP?

Clients can use the MT5 in the Plotio Global APP to trade and make transactions.  

System Requirements

The Plotio Global APP currently supports iOS 13.2 or above as well as Android 7.0 or above. Users are advised to update their smartphone systems to the latest version to ensure better user experience.   

What functions are included in the Plotio Global APP?

The Plotio Global APP presents its users with abundant market information as well as in-depth analysis and quotations. The APP is also a centralized platform allowing users to trade and conduct their transactions at anytime, anywhere. Investing has never been easier.  

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